Age Before Beauty

Definitely not to be taken too seriously, we try to play rock like it was in the "good-old" seventies when most of us were relatively young and one of us was not even born. We stick to mostly originals, sometimes indulging in slaughtering a standard.


One fateful Thursday over a beer we rashly decided to play at the '93 Hardronic Festival as an acoustic duo !!(the festival was the following Saturday). That evening the pianist joined, and during our only rehearsal, the singer's son offered to join on guitar! an offer which was immediately accepted.... and we decided to go electric. Et voila "Age Before Beauty" was born.

Since then we have had lots of changes of personnel and shown a stubborn consistency to never have the same line-up for two consecutive rehearsals, or even for two different gigs, for that matter.

Some shots from the Cern Hardronic Festival 1994

Some shots from a Gig at Brett's, 1999