Computer Games (3:32')

Lead vocals: Anne
Words and Music by Silvano De Gennaro.
All rights reserved. SUISA, 1993

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You  stood up just after dinner
headed straight up to the door
You looked back, bold like a winner
said "darling I don't need you no more"
For 20 years I've been your woman,
your  wife, sister, mother and love
never once you really talked to me
your mind was always high up above

Since you've gone away
I've got a million games to play
I've got your 80 megabytes (*) full of
Computer games
Space Invaders, Sargon, Crystal Quest,
I've got no break, I've got no rest
I spend my days on your
Computer games

You bought me a brand new toaster,
An iron and a washing machine 
        (that was my birthday)
You gave me a vacuum cleaner for 
        Christmas or for Easter
But you never gave your heart
All your life you've been locked up in your
work, you never came see the sun
Every night with your computer,
I still wonder if you were really a man
Since you've gone away...... 

Sold the hoover and the toaster
The iron and the washing-machine
I bought myself a super-booster
Now I'm the fasted mouse on the scene.
I got rid of all your rubbish
Of all your mathematical tapes
I put your differential equations in the trash-bin
I bought me a thousand fancy new games.
Since you've gone away...... 

(*) NOTE: In '93 that was a lot of disk space!