Nobel Prize (4:14')

Lead vocals: Michele
Words and Music by Silvano De Gennaro.
All rights reserved. SUISA, 1993

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My sweetheart's a Nobel Prize
My sweetheart's so smart and wise
My sweetheart is a Nobel Prize

He says a lot of things that I dont' know, 
But I do know
That I'll do anything he wants me to,
'cause I do love him
I don't understand 
The funny signs on his blackboard
But when he holds my hand
He takes me to the stars
My sweetheart's a Nobel Prize...

He takes me every night into his lab
and I wonder why do I have to sit inside that cab
with the monkeys
He gives me to drink 
that smoky thing with the bubbles
He watches me and thinks
while I fly high to the stars

I'd like to tell him that I love him so
I'd like him to come near me and to hold me tender
But all he does is think and watch me grow
Perhaps one day he will surrender
My sweetheart's a Nobel Prize...