Liquid Nitrogen (4:58)

Lead vocals: Colette
Words and Music by Silvano De Gennaro.
All rights reserved. SUISA, June 1996

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You poured liquid nitrogen down my spine
as you told me you didn't love me any more
and run off with the girl next door
You poured liquid nitrogen in my heart
and you told me it wouldn't hurt, what a liar
You promised you'd always be true

You said you'd be mine 12 months a year, 24 hours a day
You said I'd be yours each week my dear, until the end of time
But then you found her and you left me here
To cry and to run of tears
And now here I wait 12 months a year
But I'm hoping one day you'll come back and stay

You poured...

You said you'd be mine forever and ever, 5040 minutes a week
Except Christmas Day 'cause you go see your mother
(That's) 2800 less divided by 2
You said I'd be yours 30,240,000 seconds a year
Including leap years, which means 86,400 extra every four

You poured...

You said you'd be mine 3600 seconds an hour every day
Which in milliseconds that's 43,200 times 10 to the 3rd
You said I'd be yours 24 hours a day, 
integrating until the end of time.
Now in nanoseconds that's just the square root 
of 2670 billion times 10 to 90 divided by two