Microwave Love (3:32')

Lead vocals: Angela
Words and Music by Silvano De Gennaro.
All rights reserved. SUISA, 1993

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I'm burning inside since you told me
that I am the one that warms up your heart
My love is so wide and when you touch me
I melt and I burn in this microwave love

You get me so hot, darling
When you shut the door and you turn it up
And I feel my heart boiling
'cause I love to melt
burning in your microwave love

Don't say a word, just hold me
grill me in your arms
Give me all your heat, my darling
Shoot me with your microwaves tonight
Come on turn me on baby
I want you to boil me and set me on fire
When you turn the dial, darling
you just keep me burning
burning in your microwave love
in your microwave love
in your microwave love