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Canette (Nom féminin): flip-top bottle; mug of beer; duckling.

CanettesMug The Canettes
Blues Band
BAG Thursday
BDG Club, Brasseur des Grottes, Thu, 10 Feb 2011

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Download the poster [jpg] [pdf].
BAG Thursday

The Canettes Blues Band will be performing in their second BAG Thursday at the BDG Club, Brasseur des Grottes on Thursday, 10 February, 2011. BAG is the famous Blues Association de Genève, an association that all Blues fans in Geneva Must Join Now!!!. As card-carrying members of BAG you will be entitled to free admission to all BAG events, including BAG Thursdays. And all female BAG members are entitled to sing in the famous Canettes Blues Band Mustang Sally Chorus. Free of charge! You definitely do not want to miss this opportunity!. Support the blues and support your favorite blues bands.

Music starts at 21:00. Don't be late.


The Mustang Sally Chorus (from the Canettes point of view) performing at BAG Thursday on Jan 28 at the BDG Club, Brasseur des Grottes (Photo by Christophe Losberger).
BAG Thursday

Photos from our last BAG Thursday:

The Canettes Blues Band

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