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Canettes Blues Band

Canette (Nom féminin): flip-top bottle; mug of beer; duckling.

CanettesMug The Canettes
Blues Band
ATLAS Resonance Tour
Mr. Pickwick Pub, 80 rue de Lausanne, Fri, 3 Dec 2010

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The Gig

Download the poster [pdf] [jpg].
Canettes Blues Band

The Canettes Blues Band will be performing live at the Mr. Pickwick Pub, on Friday, 3 Dec 2010, as part of the ATLAS Resonance. Tour. The Official Release Date for the CD is set for Monday, 6 Dec 2010, exactly 13.75 billion years to the day of the origin of the universe. But, the Canettes have received special permission to sell the special 2 CD / 1 DVD set on Friday, for the unbelievably low price of 20 CHF.

Yes, that's right. Not only are the Canettes going to blow you away with their usual high-octane mixture of Blues and R&B, but they are going to solve your Christmas shopping needs at the same time. What more could you ask for? Well, how about a great Opening Act!

The Canettes are honored to have the world-famous Fullerenes opening for them on Friday. The Fullerenes will come on at 21:00. Get to the pub early. You don't want to miss their show!

The Video

The Canettes new video clip The ATLAS Boogie, one of many great songs on the 2 CD / 1 DVD set Resonance.

The Canettes are thrilled to be releasing their first professional music video, The ATLAS Boogie. The video was shot this summer, when proton interactions in the ATLAS Experiment at CERN actually entered the Musiclub Locale, temporarily turning the band members into two-dimensional cartoons. Although the effect was short-lived, videographer and director, Jonathan Baldwin happened to be on hand to catch the action. Couple that with the production expertise of Claudia Marcelloni and voila! Arguably the greatest music video ever produced on this side of the Versoix River. Enjoy.

The Canettes Blues Band

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