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Canettes Blues Band

Canette (Nom féminin): flip-top bottle; mug of beer; duckling.

CanettesMug The Canettes
Blues Band
Jenny Fest L
Moulin de Badian, Thoiry, Sat, 22 Aug 2009

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The Gig

The Canettes Blues Band performing live at Jenny Fest L, 22 Aug 2009. (Photo by Jim Shank)
Jenny Fest L
The Mustang Sally Chorus. (Photo by Jim Shank)
Jenny Fest L
The world-renown Dr. Feelgreat. (Photo by Jim Shank)
Jenny Fest L
The stars of the evening, Jenny & Bryan. (Photo by Jim Shank)
Jenny Fest L

Fifty was the charm for Jenny Fest L and nobody could have asked for a better celebration. The party started with outstanding music from Home Cookin', What Next?! and The Unknown Boys and was accompanied by the delicious down-home cookin' of Dr. Feelgreat himself, Chris Thomas. Wow, what a treat!

The Canettes were indeed challenged to perform their very best, coming after such great talent. And it certainly was a pleasure to do just that. Happy Birthday Jenny! Can't wait for next year!


The Canettes Blues Band

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