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Canettes Blues Band

Canette (Nom féminin): flip-top bottle; mug of beer; duckling.

CanettesMug The Canettes
Blues Band
Jenny Fest V
Moulin de Badian, Thoiry, Sat, 30 Aug 2008

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The Gig

The Canettes Blues Band and Friends at Jenny Fest V (Photo by Jim Shank)
Jenny Fest V

Yet another great Jenny Fest was successfully celebrated this year, down by the banks of the Allemogne, in Badian, Thoiry! Jenny Fest V was organized this year by Chris Thomas and a fantastic time was had by all, especially the Canettes Blues Band, friends and family. Jenny and Xavi celebrated their birthdays, balloons overflowed from the balcony, dancing girls tumbled across the dance floor, and the beer bubbled down the river. What more could anyone ask for?!


The Canettes Blues Band


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